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Normandy Launches its “Soft Power” Strategy for International Outreach 

Press release

The Normandy Region in France has today unveiled its strategy to promote Norman excellence internationally and make Normandy a leading destination for investors, tourists, companies, students and talent. Thanks to the creation of a regional brand and the launch of a new attractiveness agency, the region is committed towards global appeal and intends to make Normandy a “Global Region”.

In a highly competitive world today, a region should be able to ensure recognition of its assets, and draw on these in order to achieve excellence and be a flag bearer for conquering, appealing, and ensuring loyalty. Our attractiveness strategy relies precisely on this objective: making sure that Normandy is a wonderful and great region recognised at home and abroad,” states Philippe Augier, who is project coordinator and Mayor of Deauville.

Normandy is the second best-known region in the world after California. More than a third of its GDP comes from exports and it is the second most open region in France to the world.

“The aim of Normandy is to become a “Global Region” open to the whole world. It is already well placed because of its history, open economy, and flows. It has, for a long time, been focused on the English-speaking world. Its own horizons naturally lead it overseas. Its artists, thinkers, and role in world history have also helped in this. Normandy should confirm this position and develop its soft power so as to ensure international outreach,” stated Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region.

To achieve this, the region has created two new tools to help Norman ‘soft power’.

Firstly, a new agency named Normandie Attractivité. Chaired by Philippe Augier and located in Le Havre, it will coordinate the promotion policy of Normandy with regional, national, and international stakeholders. It will be responsible for the affluence and articulation of the various promotion initiatives in the area at global level, notably so as to attract foreign investors.

Subsequently, a new regional brand which comprises the name of the region so as to capitalise on its international recognition. It is intended to be used by all private and public stakeholders who wish to promote their activities nationally or internationally.